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For those of you who know me, I’d been struggling with a certain someone who'll remain anonymous.

Friday - April 15, 2016

My Text: [Hey, look at these Hulk vibrators, they’re fucking huge right!  What do you think? You should get one!]

Her Text: [Mwahahah-Nope this one’s better (link to the bunny vibrator)]

“What the fuck do I say to that?” I thought, opening the link, flicking through the long list of bunny vibrators.

Later That Day

My PM: [Hey friend, I sent her a link to the hulk vibrators, and she sent me one with the bunny and says this one is better.  I’m being owned.]

Friend’s PM: [You’re not defeated.  Ask her when you can use it on her.]

“Oh shit huh?  That’s a good idea,” I thought, grabbing my phone, smiling as I wrote, [so when can I use it on you? (Devil emoticon)]

One Hour Later

“Fuck you! Die you fucking loser!” I screamed at the T.V., angry at the person who’d just nuke tubed me on C.O.D when I heard my phone go off.

“What?  What!  What?” I thought, glaring down at my phone on the coffee table, seeing a text from (Anonymous) which read, [Hey, I’m downstairs.]

“What the fuck? No way!” I thought, hiding my character in the grass, heading straight to my front door.

“What would make her come today? I know she had questions about titles and stuff but she could’ve just texted me,” I thought as I stepped into the hallway, locking the door then bounding down the three flights of stairs leading to the lobby, where I could see her standing in front of the door in office clothing, holding a paper bag that grocery stores give you.

“Hey...what’s up?” I said opening the door.

“Mm, nothing much, what you doing? Playing C.O.D?”  She said, brushing past me smelling like gummy bears.

“Yeah, you wanna play.  You fucking suck…so wait till I’m done playing a few rounds before you fuck up my leveling up.”

“You already suck.  That’s why you’re taking forever to level up.”

“Fuck you.  Anywhos what’s up?” I said again, wondering why she looked so serious as she opened the door to the stairwell leading up to my apartment.

“Nothing, Jesus Sherlock,” she replied, giving me a wicked grin as she ran up the stairs in her high heels.

“Nothing my ass.  You’re always so fucking busy, what the hell are you doing here?” I thought running up the stairs behind her.

“Open, open, open I need to pee,” she said doing the pee pee dance in front of my door.

“Calm down, I’m right here,” I said unlocking my door, which she burst through the second I removed the key, kicking off her heels, leaving them right in my trail as I walked in.

“What’s in the bag?  Food?” I asked, stopping in front of the bathroom door as she pulled down her down her work pants and thong, flopping on the toilet with her toes pointed in, which made me burst out laughing, thinking she looked like an awkward cartoon character.

“Nothing,” she replied, giving me a ‘fuck off’ look before eyeing the bag she’d dropped at her feet, giving me another look that said ‘don’t you dare touch it’.

“K,” I said shaking my head, backing up, heading over to my couch.

Sitting down, I picked up my controller and stood my character up just as a missile landed on him.  A few seconds later she strolled into my living room wearing just her thong and white button down work shirt.

“Ah…here we go ya little tease,” I said smiling and bobbing my head up and down already assuming how the night would go down.

“Huh?  Oh you like it?” she replied, hooking her finger into the hip lacing of her baby blue thong, spinning so I could see it as she tugged, making the fabric between her ass cheeks vanish that much more.

“Yeah,” I said, placing the controller over my cock feeling it push up into my jeans.

“And this parts cute right?” she asked coming right next to me, pointing to the see-through mesh revealing her Brazilian.

“You’re a fucking ass, move dick head, you’re trying to fuck my game up,” I replied, pressing just above the crease of her lips, just to see if she’d let me.

“Your game is already fucked up.  Ahh, your house is always so fucking cold.  Close the damn balcony,” she replied, glaring at my open balcony door with a look of disdain, not even bothering to swat my finger as it slowly slid towards her clit.

“Nope, fuck off,” I replied, shaking my head at her passive demeanor, annoyed that she just continued to glare at the balcony as if it were the only important thing in the world.

“Fine then, I going to put on clothes.  Ah, those look comfy,” she said turning towards my clothes hanger in front of my love seat, next to the three seater I was sitting in.

“Whatever,” I replied, removing my finger as she moved to the hanger, snatching up my sweat pants and hoody.

“Or…you could just close the balcony,” she said, raising her eyebrows as she slid on my pants.

“Then it’ll be boiling hot in this bitch,” I replied feeling sorry the instant the thong disappeared.

“Stubborn much,” she whispered, flopping on the couch next to me with her back turned before saying, “Help me.”

“Huh?” I asked, not even bothering to look as I ducked and covered from a sniper.

“My bra you ass, it’s annoying.  Unhook it for me,” she said peeling off her button down shirt.

“Oh,” I replied undoing it with a flick of my fingers.

“Fucking playboy,” she whispered, pulling off her bra as she sat facing the T.V., giving me full view of her C cup breast, which made me bite my bottom lip.

“That has nothing to do with being a playboy.  Dudes should learn to take off a bra.  It’s good manners,” I replied, nodding to myself as I looked between her and the game.

“Such a fuck, I swear to God,” she said glaring at the open balcony, before diving into my hoody.

“Why?  And you’re the fuck.  Always teasing me.  Why you here anyways?  You want to give me blue balls twice in a week?” I asked bumping her with my shoulder.

“It’s not my fault you can’t handle yourself around me.  You can beat off when I’m gone.  Who’s stopping you?” she replied, leaning into me, pressing my right arm down, making my thumb press the joystick all wrong.

“Get offff,” I said, still trying to aim at a person who quickly killed me, seeing that my character was spinning in circles, which made her burst out laughing.

“Man!” I said shaking my head as she got up and headed to the bathroom returning with the bag in her hand, which she dumped onto the coffee table almost directly in front of me.

“You fuck me up on purpose then roll out?  I see how you are”, I said, staring at the bag wondering why it made such a hard thump.

“You’re at fifth place, you suck on your own,” she said, looking at the bag then to me with a mischievous smile.

“What’s in the bag?” I asked putting the game on pause as I reached for it.

“Leave it, not yet,” she said swatting my hand, which somehow reminded me I should PM my friend.

“Alright dude, I’ll leave it,” I said grabbing my phone, opening the PM window typing, [I sent that reply and now she’s here in sweat pants and wearing my sweater...and she had a bag that I keep trying to open and she says not yet.]

“Who ya texting? One of ya many?” she asked mockingly as I hit ‘send’ and picked up the controller.

“No dude.  And one of my many, really is that how you see my life?” I asked, pressing play on my game when all of a sudden she flopped across my lap making me jump because she’d landed on my cock.

“I’m not a dude.  And what…what is this?” she asked sitting up, looking at the bulge in my jeans then looking at me with a bright smile.

“That’s always there when you’re here.  But you know that.  Stop looking all surprised,” I said feeling a flash of annoyance as she looked back at the bag.

“What?” I said squinting at the bag, thinking of just grabbing it.

“Nothing, I just wonder which is bigger,” she said giggling before kissing me on the cheek.

“Which is…what’s bigger?” I asked, looking at her like she was dumb as she continued to crack up laughing.

“I’ll tell you if you let me compare it,” she said grabbing the bag.

“Oh shit, it’s the hulk dildo? How the fuck would I be bigger than that shit?” I asked catching on, feeling dumb before saying, “Oh it’s the bunny!  Those things are fucking big too. Da fuck, plus it’s got like nine billion settings.  You don’t even need a real dick no more.”

“You could be bigger, you never know.  And of course I want real dick.  A toy can only do so much,” she said opening the bag, peeking in, then looking at my jeans before saying, “Humm, but yeah, I think you’re smaller.”

“Ah! Such a fucking ass,” I said snatching the bag.

“Give it back!’ she shirked as I dug into it, pulling out a large purple bunny.

“Damn!  Da fuck!  Well how would you compare my dick to this shit!” I said looking at where the soft material began after the control handle.

“Analysing the dick huh?” she asked, quickly unzipping my fly before I could even answer.

“Wow!” I said feeling self-conscious when I saw my burgundy boxer’s soaked in pre-cum.

“Umm…you’re leaking.  You okay?” she asked sarcastically, reaching for the bunny, which I moved away from her hand.

“Let me see my toy,” she said, all of a sudden straddling me.

“I’ma make you leak, if you keep messing with me,” I replied, moving the bunny towards her mouth taping it.

“Yeah, you like that big purple dick in the mouth huh?” I asked teasingly as she took it from my hand with a giant grin on her face before saying, “Maybe sometimes.”

“Maybe sometimes?” I asked giving her a sarcastic look, bringing my hands down to her ass, squeezing it tight.

“Oh, oh!” she moaned in a mock porn star voice, working her hips, grinding herself on my dick, making me wish there hadn’t been clothes between us.

“God, you’re annoying,” I replied, letting go of her ass, moving my head to look past her as I reached for my controller.

“Get off your game, put on YouTube.  I want to listen to R & B or some Trap music. Or anything but watch you play that game,” she said, pressing into me, this time doing a slow grind, without any teasing sounds whatsoever.

Then she paused and just looked at me, without any sarcasm. Which made me say, “What?”

“You’re really slow sometimes,” she whispered looking into my eyes.

“How?” I asked, “Thinking.  You always tease me and I try shit and you stop me.  What am I missing?”

“If I knew how…you’d already,…” she said trailing off, glaring at the controller then back at me.

“Already what?” I asked bringing my right hand back to her ass, this time gently squeezing it.

“Nothing,” she replied, working her hips in slower circles than she’d done before causing me to gasp from the feeling of her warmth and the tip of my dick running over the slippery fabric of my boxers.

“Ooh you like that huh?” she asked, giving me a soft smile as she dropped the bunny next us, bringing up her hand to cup my chin.

“You play way too much,” I whispered, hooking my thumbs into the sweat pants, pulling them down then taking hold of her ass, waiting to see what she would do.

“Hum…do I?  And you, what do you do?” she asked kissing me softly, but deeply before pulling me back looking at me with pure curiosity.

“I’m trying to get in your pants,” I said frankly, giving her a sarcastic look where I raised my eyebrows up and down.

“Yes, exactly,” she replied, turning and grabbing the controller from my left hand before saying, “Music, not game.”

“Mmm,” I mumbled letting go of her ass, taking hold of the controller, putting it on ‘The Tube', pressing play on the first R&B playlist available causing her to laugh.

“What?” I asked.

“You’re always rushing.  You have zero patients with anything.  I’ve never in my life seen someone so impatient…” she trailed off taking hold of my hands, removing the controller, placing them back on her ass before saying, “In my entire life.”

“You’re twenty four, surely you must have,” I replied airily, but this time, maybe for the first time I was truly studying the looks playing across her face and I realised during all the times she’d come to my place before, even with all her teasing, I’d truly never taken her seriously.

I say this because somewhere deep inside, I’d truly assumed she really didn’t want me, because she knew who I really was, vice the other women who’d just pass and go.  I’d figured that her teasing, was just her way of showing me ‘you get girls all the time’, but you can’t have all of them.  Now staring into her eyes, I saw a look of longing and frustration which made me wonder, “When did I miss what you’ve been trying to say to me?  And what is it that you really want from me?”

“What’s with that look? You going into writer mood on me?” she asked pecking my lips softly.

“Actually, I was just thinking the same thing,” I replied, sliding my hands further down her ass, pressing my fingers between her cheeks.

“You’re a writer, you always have to people read to make your characters.  Tell me what you think I’m thinking?” she replied, kissing my forehead, then looking over to my balcony door, then back at me, this time with a smirk which I took as ‘you’re an idiot.’

“Be right back,” I said flipping her five foot two, one hundred ten pounds self over onto the cushion to my right before walking over to the balcony door on my left, closing it and the curtains.

“Aww, thank you, I felt restricted,” she replied snatching of the hoody and sweat pants so fast I’d yet to even take two steps towards the couch before they were off and on the floor.

“Umm, damn,” I said more to myself, gazing at her features as she flicked her long hair over her shoulder, reaching for my controller, changing the playlist to something much better than what I’d had on.

“I don’t get you, you get on my nerves,” I said flopping down beside her, watching Rihanna dance to her ‘Work’ song with pure fascination.

“Because you’re rushy, and impatient.  And the worst part is that you think everything is hard when it’s not,” she replied tugging my shirt before saying, “I think this is the first time you haven’t striped the moment you walked in the house.”

“Imagine if you were me.  Just for a second.  A Sci-Fi book out that I have to hustle to get people to pick up and read.  All that money.  All that time, and people act like they don’t have time to read it or that creating the realm and shit was easy.  And all my people that said they’d have my back when I published were not there when I needed them.   And now I’m doing this new genre.  I have to get people to see me.  And people only see what they want to see.  So I can’t fuck up.   So yes, I’m impatient, because I want a future where I fucking exist in this world.  I feel like I’m losing fucking control.  Like if I don’t keep pushing, I’ll fucking fade away.   And I act like things are hard because almost everything I’ve ever done has been hard,” I said, taking off my shirt, unbuckling my jeans, tugging them down slightly before feeling self-conscious after seeing and feeling how much pre-cum had really soaked through my boxers.

“Um, hey, I saw that, pull them down let me see,” she giggled, bringing her nose down to my crotch, inhaling deeply, which made me jump as a weird tingle shot up from my balls, traveling up my spine to my head.

“What the fuck!?” I asked laughing, besides the serious mood I was in.

“You write all that freaky stuff about smells and taste in your book, but look at you squirming when a girl comes and smells you,” she said sitting up with an enormous grin on her face.

“I’ve never seen a girl do that before.  In my whole fucking life, not even once has a girl come and smelled me.  Well down there anyway.  My neck, sure, but that shit…Haha- Forgive me for being surprised,” I said, shaking my head as she nodded her head ‘un huh, uhuh”, still tugging my pants so I’d take them off.

“I think it’s more like you’re surprised how right you are.  Give yourself more credit,” she replied as I lifted up, allowing her to pull down my jeans, hopping on top of me the moment they hit my ankles, pressing her pussy right onto of my dick, which was pressed down flat against my pelvis, with the tip pressing into the bottom of my stomach.

“What’s with you giving me all this advice and shit?” I asked, kissing her breast softly before looking up at her, seeing that she seemed truly happy with me for the first time.

“Because I’m trying to make a point.  But you’re just kinda dumb,” she replied, slowly working herself back and forth over my dick, where I could feel the lips of her pussy spreading open over the fabric of her thong.

“Mmm. Shit!  God!  Is that all me?” I whispered, feeling a new warmth and wetness flood through my boxers.

“What do you think?” she whispered, looking down as she continued to grind.

“I think…” I began as I inhaled deeply, drinking in the scent of her pussy before saying, “I think you’re really, really fucking wet.”

“Un, no shit, you always make me like this,” she replied, kissing me deeply before pulling away, shaking her head smiling as I hooked my thumbs into the fabric of her thong pulling it down.

“Do I?” I asked moving my right thumb towards her pussy as she slid herself back, giving me more room to touch it.

“Yeah, always.  And every time I was wondering, what’s taking you so long to fuck me,” she replied, taking hold of my thumb pressing it harder against her clit, then pushing it further down where my thumb was completely soaking wet.

“Mmm, taste it like you write in the books, I want to see,” she whispered, bringing my thumb towards my mouth.

“You like that shit huh?” I replied purposely bringing it to my nose, inhaling deeply before putting my thumb in my mouth, causing her to gasp.

“Damn, she taste good,” I thought feeling my mouth water, the moment the sweet, subtle taste touched my tongue, even as the other part of me was wondering why she asked me why haven’t I fucked her yet.

“You want more?” she asked, pressing her fingers into herself, bringing them up coated in cream, which made my dick instantly throb as I opened my mouth, allowing her to run her fingers over my tongue.

“I’ve been wanting to fuck you, every time you’ve come over.  You know it,” I whispered after licking her fingers, but instead of answering me, she brought her fingers to her mouth and sucked them clean in front of me.

“Oh yeah, and who stopped you but you,” she finally said, not giving me time to answer before she kissed me deeply, sharing her taste with me.

“Fuck!” I thought pressing her ass down hard, moving it back and forth, wanting to be inside her more than anything in the world.

“Mmm,” she moaned, moving back from our kiss, looking down at the shiny, creamy mix on top of my boxers, before saying, “every time you touched me, other than when we were really busy working, did I stop you or did you stop yourself?”

“You…” I began before I thought about it and said, “I stopped because, you never batted an eye.”

“Meaning fuck me,” she replied, un-straddling me, with her eyes transfixed on my dick before saying, “You were expecting a fight or for me to be difficult.  But I know what I want.  So you could’ve had me whenever you wanted.  Think about it, when you were touching my pussy earlier, did I move your hand?”

“That’s because, most…Oh fuck,” I gasped as she brought her face down kissing my dick through my boxers.

“Because you rush into everything and expect everything to be hard.  All you had to do…” she said pausing to pull my dick from my boxers, running her tongue over my tip, licking up a long thick stream of pre-cum before looking up at me and saying, “was just fuck me.”

“I didn’t think… oh shit,” I whispered, as she looked away from me, taking me into her mouth, sucking down my length, slowly and passionately, where she’d trace her tongue along my shaft between sucks, making sure she flicked her tongue over my tip, catching my pre-cum as it streamed out.

“Yeah, don’t think…,” she whispered, pausing just for the briefest second before she pushed her head down, pressing my dick deep into the back of her throat, making me gasp for breath as my toes curled.

“God, it’s so good, I can’t even breathe!” I thought, moving my hands to her ass, running my fingers between her cheeks, gently running them over her pussy, which made her jolt forward and suck harder.

“Oh shit! Wait! Give me a sec,” I gasped, gripping her ass, pressing the tips of my fingers into her, thinking, “I can’t take another second of this without cuming and oh my fucking God she’s wet!” as the sensation of her warm, sticky arousal coating my fingers truly registered in my mind.

“Mmm, okay one,” she murmured, bringing her head up for what I thought was way less than a second before she pressed me into her mouth again, this time sucking slower as she turned and twisted her head, causing me to scream and lurch, trying to run before I came too fast.

“Where you going?” she whispered, looking up at me as she cupped my shaft with her hand.

“Chill for a sec,” I gasped, taking deep breaths, that made her smile.

“Why?” she replied, running soft kisses down the length of my shaft, before opening her mouth wide, sliding me in deep where I could feel my tip press into the back of her throat.

“Oh!” was the only thing I was able to gasp before I lost total control, where I felt my whole body shudder as I released into the back of her throat.

“Mmmm,” I heard her groan, as her body began to quiver, and then even before I felt her cum surge out around my fingers, I could smell the sweet musky scent of her excitement hit the air, causing me to cum even harder.

“Jesus!” I finally managed to say as she brought her head back with her mouth open, showing me my cum, before gulping it down.

“Did you just cum from me busting in your mouth?” I whispered, bringing my hand to my face studying the thick cream coating my fingers in awe, before bringing them to my mouth, licking some of it off.

“Maybe,” she replied mischievously with a grin, looking between my face and my fingers.

“There’s no maybe about this,” I replied showing her portions of my fingers still completely coated, which she moved to and sucked clean, keeping her eyes locked with mine.

“Jesus, you’re a freak,” I whispered, which made her smile and say, “umm hum and you love it.”

Then with the same mischievous look she’d given me as she sucked my fingers clean, she moved herself on the couch with her ass was pointed towards my face.

“My God!” I thought, gazing at her pussy as she seductively wagged her hips side to side, unable to comprehend how much she’d cum, even as I stared at the frothy cream that’d not only completely saturated her thong, but had leaked out and was still leaking out all over her lips, making them glossy in the pale blue light shining off my T.V.

“You okay over there?” she asked looking back at me, giggling as she moved her fingers, to her pussy, sliding over her thong, exposing her lips even further.

“Yeah, I’m okay,” I blurted, intoxicated with lust from the heavy, warm, sweet scent of her arousal and sweat as it rose into the air, filling my entire living room.

“You sure, you don’t look it,” she whispered, spreading her lips open with her fingers, rubbing them up and down as she began to moan.

“God, you know just what to do to fuck me up,” I whispered, inching closer, keeping my eyes locked on her entrance, which she continually squeezed open and close, causing more of her excitement to leak out.

“Um hum, do you like what you see?” she replied, watching me as I hovered my nose less than an inch away from her pussy, taking a deep inhale to drink in her scent.

“Oh my God, you smell so fucking good,” I whispered feeling my mouth begin to water.

“Do I now?” she replied, pressing two of her finger tips into her entrance, coating them with cream before bringing them out, dragging it along her already soaking wet lips.

“I want that!” I thought taking another deep inhale as I extend my tongue, slowly running it along her clit up to her entrance.

“Mmm,” she moaned, pressing herself back, filling my mouth with her pussy, which I began to slowly kiss and suck, taking my time, holding her lips between mine before kissing and sucking them again.

“Oh,” she moaned, pressing her body down, keeping her ass up in the air, causing me to lick and suck her more, enjoying every drop of the sweet tangy flavor of her cream as it continued to pour out of her entrance.

“I want to fuck her right now!” I thought, grabbing her ass, spreading her cheeks wide as I pressed my tongue into her entrance, which was quickly submerged in rush of  fresh, hot sticky cum, causing my dick, that was already hard, to surge with even more blood, to the point where it almost hurt.

“Oh I got to, I got to fuck that pussy!” I thought withdrawing my tongue, keeping her cum trapped in my mouth, enjoying the taste as I lurched up, taking hold of my dick with my right hand, while still holding firmly to her ass with my left.

“What are you doing?” she asked quickly scooting forward and spinning, giving me a naughty look that I couldn’t read.

“Wha?” I asked, regretfully swallowing down her cream, looking down at my cock in my hand then back up to her, but instead of answering she just pushed me to sit back on the couch.

“Humm,” she said moving towards the living room light, switching it off, then gliding back towards me.

“Do you want me for real this time?” she asked straddling me, pressing her soft breast to my lips, which I hungrily sucked one by one causing her to gasp.

“Mmm,” I mumbled, rubbing her breast as I sucked them.

“I’m not so sure yet ,” she whispered between her gasp, starting to grind on my dick, torturing me because I could feel it pressing between her lips, but unable to go any further.

“Ah God! What are you doing!  You know I fucking want you?” I gasped, taking hold of her ass with my left hand, while I tried to use the other to slide the fabric of her thong over.

“More sucking, less talking,” she whispered, feeding me her breast again, moving my hand away from her pussy, locking it with hers.

“Oh my fucking God! Stop teasing,” I grunted, wrapping my arm around her waist, flipping her down on the couch, quickly pulling down on her thong, tossing it towards the T.V.

“Ouu,” she giggled, as I pulled my boxers down to my knees, driving myself into her without any hesitation.

“So you do want me?” I heard her gasp as I began to thrust and grind as hard as I could.

“Fuck yeah I do!” I replied, thrusting harder and harder.

“Un…God your dick” she moaned, wrapping her legs around my waist and arms around my neck, tugging me deeper as she worked her hips back and forth causing me to lose my breath and gasp, “oh my fucking God!”

“About time you fucked me,” she whispered pulling my head down, kissing me deeply as she ran her hands up and down my back, finally resting her left one on my ass as she squeezed her pussy and whispered, “cum,” in my ear.

“Oh! Shit!” I gasped feeling myself about to lose control, causing her to giggle as I tried to pull myself back.

“Where you going?” she asked seductively, pulling my head down kissing me deeply again as she pressed my ass down, keeping me as deep as I could go before whispering, “I want you to cum inside me.”

“God! Stop!” I shrieked, trying to pull back against her legs that were gripping me tighter and tighter after each passing second.

“Um no,” she whispered, all of a sudden pushing both of us to sit up, slamming my back to the couch.

“What the fuck?” I gasped surprised at her strength, and because I knew at any moment I was going to erupt inside her.

But she didn’t even pause as she began to work her hips, grinding me slowly, kissing my lips and moving my hands over her breast.

“Hey!” I gasped pleadingly, but looking up at her, I realised it was pointless because I could see and feel she was fully and completely devoted to making me cum inside her, and with each slow twist of her hips I felt my dick throb and lose that much more control.

“Fuck it,” I thought accepting that it was going to happen, which somehow helped me regain some of my control, where I could finally take a full breath.

“God I love your pussy,” I said right after, taking hold of her ass cheeks, pressing them in motion with her hips, as I brought my face to her breast sucking her nipples one by one.

“Then cum for me,” she whispered as she began to slowly rise and fall with each one of her winds where I could see her creamy arousal leaking out, completely coating my dick.

“Fuck, not yet!” I thought, loving the sensation of my dick so deep in her pussy, and loving the smell that came up from between her legs.

“Please,” she whispered, as if she heard my thoughts, working her hips slower, but more pronounced where I could feel my length pressing into her every depth, causing me to scream as I released.

“Oh!” she gasped right after, beginning to quake, as her pussy throbbed on my dick where I could see and feel her cum rush out with mine, coating my balls with warm, white froth.

“Jesus?” I gasped, feeling a rush of exhilaration, looking down at our mess, before looking up at her, who was smiling ear to ear before kissing me deeply, still working her hips in circles ever so gently.

“You little cum fiend.  Cuming because I came,” I whispered, as she inched back, staring down at the mess we’d made with a mischievous smile

“Un huh, and I want more,” she whispered before kissing me again.

“More? How you little freak?” I asked, feeling my dick shrinking with each passing second, unsure I had any left to give.

“Un huh, Mr. Rushy.  Don’t worry,” she replied rising up, then falling to her knees, looking up at me as she took hold of my semi flaccid cock.

“Oh, please do it,” I said, causing her to smile as she slowly licked our mix off my dick.

“I know what you like,” she whispered, showing me her tongue as she reached over and grabbed the bunny.

“You better know, you read all my shit,” I said, closing my eyes as she placed my length in her mouth, sucking it clean by the time I opened them again.

“Mhumm,” she replied standing up, climbing onto the couch, passing me the bunny as she whispered, “time to play with me.”

“Oh, I had no idea what I was getting into with you at all,” I replied taking hold of the bunny, pressing the bottom for it to wind and the bottom for it to vibrate, laughing as it illuminate like a circus toy.

“Not at all,” she replied, opening her legs wide, with one resting on top of the head rest of the couch, summoning me to come with her finger.

“I see,” I whispered, watching our mix leak out of her beautiful pussy, causing my dick start to slowly grow firm again, especially when I slowly pressed the winding, vibrating bunny into her, causing it to flood out over it.

“Mmm, shit!” she gasped, taking hold of my hand as I began to work the toy back and forth, running the ears over her clit, which sent splashes of our mix onto the sides of her thighs.

“Yeah, you like that shit?” I asked, changing the vibrating setting to its lowest, while changing the winding setting to its highest, causing her to work her hips up and down as she moaned, “yeah I love it. I love it.  It makes me want you.  It makes me want you more!”

“Me?” I thought self-consciously, watching the toy do things I could never dream of as she took control of it, bringing it up to her lips, gazing at me as she licked off some of the cream, making me instantly rock hard again.

“God damn, you really know just what to do,” I whispered sitting back, watching her lick the toy some more before pressing it back inside her.

“Does that mean you’re ready for me again?” she whispered, working the toy in and out of her a few more times, before bringing it out, running it over the rim of her ass.

“Let me see that,” I whispered, taking it in my hand, spinning it so that the ears would press into her ass, then sliding it into her entrance.

“OH!” she gasped, bucking her hips up and down harder and harder, then reaching for my hand, pulling it hard so that I’d remove the toy.

“Too much?” I chuckled, pressing the bottoms off as I gazed at her, seeing a new look on her face I didn’t realise was pure hunger till she lurched forward, pressing me back, taking my dick in her mouth, sucking slowly and passionately causing my toes to curl.

“Ah!” I shrieked, as she moved her head back allowing a long stream of saliva to run down my dick.

“Dirty little bitch,” I whispered right after, as she brought her mouth down, sucking up what she’d spit out.

“And you love it,” she whispered, standing up for just a second before sitting down, guiding my dick into her pussy.

“Mmm,” I groaned watching and loving the warm, tight slippery feeling as my dick vanished within her.

“Un…God your dick!” she groaned, resting her hands on my knees as she worked herself back and forth, up and down, in long, slow circles.

“Ah! Fuck!” I screamed overwhelmed as I felt her pussy clinch down and begin to pulse, where I could see and smell her fresh orgasm gushing out all over my dick.

“Oh! God! Your dick!” she said again, pressing herself down, winding harder and harder, where I could feel the tip of my dick pressing right into the top of her pussy, leaving me breathless as my body convulsed.

“OH Oh! Wow!” I screamed, feeling myself cum again, this time so hard, I felt like I was having an outer body experience.

“Yes!” I heard her gasp through my screams, and as my dick continued to pulse, I felt this energy surge through me, which made me push us up.

“Hand, coffee, table” I grunted, taking hold of her waist, beginning to pound her pussy as hard as I could, almost causing us to topple over before she put out a hand to catch herself on the table.

“AYE!” she screamed, charging me up even more, causing me thrust harder and harder, where I could feel the last of my cum rush out into her.

“Ummm shit! Your dick!” she groaned, shaking uncontrollably as I slipped out of her, watching our mix rush out and drip out all over the floor.

“Fuck, I didn’t think I had anything left,” I whispered, flopping down, hooking her around her thighs, pulling her towards me so I could run kisses along her ass and thighs.

“Please don’t say you’re done,” she whispered turning around still shivering.

“Are you kidding me?” I replied, as she pressed me to sit back, staring at my dick, which was still hard, before straddling me, sliding me into her.

“Oh fuck!” I whispered before she wrapped her arms around me, kissing me deeply as she worked her hips in long slow circles, where I could feel my dick press into every part of her pussy, with my tip pressing right up against her cervix.

“Keep cumming for me, and promise I’ll keep doing your favorite thing, licking it all up,” she whispered in my ear, breaking our kiss just to say that before kissing me again.

For the rest of the night and morning…she did my favorite thing - and not once did she let me pull out….

© 2016 O.M. Wills

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