Taste Me

Sensual Fetishes 3 Original

Keeping her gaze on Dominic, Jaylin inched back until she felt herself touch the wall then spread her legs.

“Can you see?”she whispered, watching his eyes follow her fingers as they traced around her nipples.

“Yhea, I can see,” Dominic replied softly, seeming unsure of what to do next, causing Jaylin’s heart to beat faster in anticipation.

Licking her lips, she slowly ran her fingers down between her legs and touched her pussy.

“Come here, I want you to taste me,” she whispered  summoning Dominic to come closer with her free hand as she began to massage her clit.

Dominic took one small step, then stopped and stared as she began to slide her fingers further down into her pussy.

“You like what you see?” Jaylin asked, growing wetter under Dominic’s lustful gaze.

Instead of answering verbally, Dominic moved his hands towards his belt and loosened it.

“Mmm, you want my kitty don’t you?” She asked, staring  at the dark wet spot where his precum had leaked through his jeans, making her mouth water in anticipation of  his taste.

Keeping her eyes locked on the bulge in his jeans, she pressed her fingers deeper, gasping as her warm sticky cum caressed her finger.

Looking up from the bulge, she could see Dominic licking his lips in anticipation  making her pussy tighten around her fingers as she pictures his face between her legs.

"I want you here," she said biting her bottom lip, slowly working her fingers in and out so that he could see more of her cream excitement coating her fingers.

“Oh, shit,” she heard him whisper as he undid his jeans and let them fall to the floor.

"Yhea, you see how wet I am?  Come...taste me," Jaylin whispered, watching Dominic tug down his boxer, exposing his long thick dick.

“Oh shit! Is right!” She thought winding her fingers harder, wishing it was him as a long thick stream of precum trickled down from the tip of his dick.

“Yhea I see, how wet you are,” he muttered taking his dick in his hand  as he watched her play with herself.

"Mmmm, then what are you waiting for? This is all for you,"  she replied watching him step out of his jeans.

"All for me?" He repeated,  crouching  in between her open legs.

Winding her finger harder Jayling felt herself starting to cum.

"Ohhh...fuck," she gasped, shuttering as her pussy clamped down on her fingers.

“Mmm, your pussy smells so good.  Oh...you want me to lick all that up don't you?” Dominic whispered softly, placing his hands on her knees, spreading her legs just a little wider as he leaned forward and inhaled deeply, sending tingles up her spine as she anticipated  what he’d do next.

“Muhumm, you know that...I love when you to lick me clean,” she replied, sliding her fingers out of creamy pussy, bringing them before Dominic’s lips.

Inhaling deeply again, Dominic smiled and looked her in her eyes, then asked "do you want me to save some for you?"

"Maybe," she replied, tracing his lips with her creamy coated fingers.

"You, you taste good," Dominic murmured licking his lips wherever she'd left a trace of herself, "I douno if I want to share." .

"You better share," she replied as he opened his mouth wider allowing her to run her fingers over his tongue.

Closing his eyes Dominic, sucked and licked her finger gratefully, cleaning off every drop before moving his head back to give her a playful 'I'm sorry look'.

“Come here greedy, come kiss me,” she said inching herself forward, wanting to taste herself and his lips at the same time.

"Mmm, not yet,"  he said softly leaning back,  resting himself on his knees, "I'm not done tasting you."

Inching down till his lips were just above her pussy, he gazed up at her, then opened his mouth.  Seconds later, she felt his tongue slowly tracing around her clit then down into her entrance.

“Yhea, use your tongue.  Taste my kitty,” she groaned taking his head in her hands as his tongue traveled down from her clit and slipped into her pussy.

"Oh yhea...yhea!" She shrieked as his tongue drove deeper.

“Fuck, I’m going to come!” She gasped, feeling intense wave of pleasure travel up her spine and down into her pussy all at the same time.

“Mmmm,” she heard and felt Dominic mumble as her pussy clamped down on his tongue as she came.

“I taste good, yhea?” she heard herself ask even before she realized she'd spoken.

“Mmhumm,” he replied kissing and licking her that much more.

“Ahhh...kkayyy ...kayyy..sta sta sta stop,” she choked out, moving her hands down to Dominic's face in a feeble attempt to move him.

“Unt unn…too good,” he muttered, sliding himself back, pulling her so that her back went from resting on the wall to the floor as he continued to kiss and lick her pussy.

Giggling and squirming, she  pulled his face and shoulders until he finally gave her overly sensitive pussy a break.

“Come her, let me kiss you, I want to taste me before you take it all,” she said breathlessly, staring at his luscious, shinny lips.

“Freaky girl, likes to taste herself, huh?”  He replied, shooting her a devious look as he leaned forward bringing his lips directly in front of hers.

“Of course,” she muttered softly before kissing and sucking his bottom lip, making her wetter than she'd been moments before.

Loving her taste on his lips, she kissed him deeper as she reached for his dick.  Taking hold of it, she slowly stroked him until he was gasping for breath.  Enjoying the sound of him fighting to keep his composure, she used her free hand to push his hips down until she felt the tip of his dick slide across her pussy.

“Oh, wow, too much!” He stammered fully breaking their passionate kiss.

“Nooo, not too much,” she retorted mischievously, guiding the tip of his dick inside herself.

"Your so  fucking thick.  God, really love your dick, you know that right?" She whispered seductively, squeezing her pussy as he slipped in deeper.

"No..no..stop that," he gasped as she felt his dick begin to pulse.

“Ooh, what was that?  Did you just cum a little?” she asked teasingly, enjoying every bit the warm thick feeling spreading throughout her pussy as he continued to cum.

“I…I…should put on a condom, I...I’m sorry.”

Jaylin could barely hear him and had only taken his dick out so that she could spread his cum all over the outside of her pussy.

"Say what now?" she asked almost under her breath, unable to concentrate as she reveled in the feeling of his cum as it cooled on her pussy in the cold apartment.

Finally realizing what he'd just said, she mumbled “this isn't that much don't worry about it,” disappointed that she hadn't been able to make him cum more

“No way in hell, I hate condoms," she thought as she said, “ I have some in the draw over there.  Here, let me get them.”

Kissing him as he inched up, she looked between her legs at the creamy mix of their cum and felt her mouth watering again.  Sliding from underneath him, she softly pushed him to sit on the floor, then moved her head towards his dick.

“I’ll get them in a minute,” she said inhaling deeply, taking in the mix of their scents before opening her mouth wide.

Taking him all the way in her mouth she heard Dominic gasp and say “Oh, shit! Jay! Oh Shit!” Which only made her take him in her mouth deeper, hoping he'd cum down her throat.

When she didn't feel his thick, hot  cum pouring down her throat right away, she sucked him harder, twisting her head  in long smooth movements that made Dominic gasp and beg her to stop.

"Fighting me huh?" she realized, warping her thumb and index finger around his long thick dick as she continued to suck harder.

"Ahh Shit! Shit! Shit!" Dominic screamed as she began to work her fingers up and down the base of his shaft.

Tasting and feeling a trickle of his hot salty sweet cum on her tongue she drove her head all the way down until his dick touched the back of her throat, then worked her fingers up and down vigorously.  Within seconds a wonderful burst of  his hot, salty sweet cream filled her throat and mouth, causing her to cum just from the feeling and excitement of his release.

"I can't get enough of him!" She thought, holding his delicious cream in her mouth for a moment.

Bring her head  up and down one last time, she the lifted her head and opened her mouth showing him she was a good girl then swallowed.

“Oh my fucking god, you…you,” Dominic whispered sounding overwhelmed.

Jaylin loved his praise and that his was distracted from his previous idea of getting a condom.

“I what?” She asked smoothly sliding on top of him, then sliding him deep inside of her.

“You?... what are you...OH my fucking god your pussy is so fucking wet," he stammered, titling his head up to look between her legs as she rode him.

"Yhea...that's because you came in my mouth...you know I love when you cum down my throat," she said tilting her head seductively as she worked her hips in small circles.

"Your so nasty, I love it," Dominic said sucking in his breath as she clenched her pussy.

Taking his hands she brought them to her mouth and began to suck his fingers then brought them to her waist.

"You know i loving being a bad girl," letting go of his hands.

"Yhea I know...and I know you came when I bust in your mouth  you little freak.  I could smell it when you did," he said moving his hands up and down her body, softly rubbing and caressing her breast before bringing them down to her ass.

Feeling his firm hands around her ass she squeezed her pussy as tight as she could.

“Ss...Oh! Jay, I love when you squeeze your pussy,”

"Yhea?...then you know what my pussy wants right?" Jaylin replied, winding her hips in longer slower motions as she felt his dick  growing thicker and longer.

“Shit!" She exclaimed feeling him hit her G-spot over and over and over again as she worked him.

"I cant say it enough...I really love your dick, you know that?" She gasped in between involuntary spasms as she rocked her hips faster and faster.

"Yhea...Jay...I kown you love my dick.  I want you to cum on it okay?"  He replied, squeezing her as tighter and tighter as she rocked and wound her hips.

"And I want you...to cum inside me," she whispered placing her hands on his chest as she brought her legs up to a squatting position.

“Oh no you don't!...Don’t you dare!” Dominic chocked out.

“Oh yhea, your cumming in me,”  Jaylin replied, beginning to bounce on his dick, instantly making herself cum a thick white cream all over his dick.

“Ohh shit! Ohhh shit!  You know I can’t take it!” she heard him groan breathlessly over the wet smacking and sucking sounds of her pussy as she felt his cum rush into her.

“Ahh! Yes! Cum for baby, cum deep inside me!” She screamed, feeling herself coming again after being  triggered by Dominic's hot thick cum pulsing right on-top of her G-spot.

Not wanting the feeling to end, she brought her legs back down and  rocked her hips harder and harder triggering both of them to cum even more, until they were both so exhausted and out of breath, she just lay collapsed on his chest.  Catching her breath, she clinched her pussy on Dominic's dick a few more times, teasing out the last few drops of cum, determined to be greedy for every drop he had, then slid of of him to look at the mess they'd created.  Taking deep breaths, she drank in the smell of their climax then smiled looking deep into  his eyes, hoping he knew she wasn't quite yet done with him.

“We made a mess didn't we Jay?” He mumbled, looking at the place she'd been looking.

“Yhea we did…here let me clean you up alil,” she whispered moving her head towards his dick, unable to resist the temptation of their smell and taste.

© 2015 O.M. Wills

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