Erotic Road Trip Adventures

(ERTA Book 1)

When a couple who lives and breathes to express and explore every opportunity of their most primal desire goes on a road trip with a couple who hasn’t done so much as have a threesome, viewpoints collide, opportunities open, and primal desires awaken.

And the real crazy part, both couples are having a hard time communicating with each other, even though they’re pretty much saying the same thing.

Welcome to Part 1 of the ASNAD series - Erotic Road trip Adventures.

Nate: “Never in my life have I ever been this excited by a couple. Their potential is limitless and I want Rayya and I to be the catalyst to their growth and usher them into their new life. I can’t believe this, but I’m truly frightened. They’re at the very edge. The spot where they can step of the cliff and fly into the horizon with us - or plummet - plummet down into the depths of their mundane, stale existence. We must be careful not to drive them down, while still maintaining the same level of pressure, if not more, so that they truly become a diamond. We need, we need to be subtle. Yes, subtle is force.”

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