Too many times I hear he or she is a perv, and couldn't help but wonder what the world would be like if people stopped shaming each other.

I think the word perv is a word that should be used for people who have an  illegal, unhealthy desire for sex...

Other than that, I’d say both men and women desire different levels of sex and thus have many fetishes that stimulate each other and keep each other from getting  bored in the… etc.

I wanted to write stories that reconnect the reader to  their primal mindsets and embrace their deepest darkest desires.

I aim to give my audience a break from the shunning and dis-associative behavior our society impose upon us in regards to embracing our sexual needs and desires.

I believe the plethora sexual desires in one’s mind should be entertained and embraced, If not in action than with words.

My hope is that when a person reads these stories, whether it be from the blog or from the books, that person takes the time to be honest with themselves.

I would like my audience to be able to say, yes I like that, I wish I could try that, I really want to experience this.

The first truthful things to acknowledge before proceeding should be the things we love most about sex.

The smell of sweat.

The smells and taste of arousal.

The way it feels to come and make others come.

And the greatest truth of all…

Well, I think you already know what it is...

How much do you love reveling in the mess?

The hot thick smell…and the taste.

The stickiness…and the sound it makes.

Welcome all who come to experience Erotic stories that feed your darkness.

Or should I say, welcome all those who possess Open Minded Wills.


©2015 O.M. Wills