Erotic Road Trip Adventures

(ERTA Book 3)

An ominous message.  A dark turn.  A prophecy unfolds.  Now, danger and carnal desires intertwine.  Through truths, lies, fears and bravery, the couples learn the essence of each other’s souls.  Continue your journey with Nate, Rayya, Jay and Karman and find out the conclusion of their Road Trip Adventures.

“Rayya, my Habibi, accept the duality of humanity, embrace the blessing and the curse of life.  Embrace the fact that there needs to be evil to maintain good, and good to maintain evil.  Embrace these facts the same way you embrace that light is a particle and a wave at the same time, and that light is energy but can be of many different wavelengths.  Make sure you see the world this way before you call it cruel, or feel unloved.  Live as an observer, creator and destroyer.  And live deeply within each space.”

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