Erotic Road Trip Adventures

(ERTA Book 2)

In order to grow, old mindsets must be challenged and destroyed.

Paradigm shifts must be had and held onto in order to prevent old thought processes from returning, dragging them back into their own mental prisons.

An undercurrent of everyone’s true nature slowly begins to make itself apparent, because the world doesn’t believe in vacations and doesn’t allow one to always present the best side of themselves.

Dark secrets, ulterior agendas, and a lust to have each other in the most intimate ways begin to merge into one.    Leaving the fate of these four to rest within each other’s hands, just as much as it rest in their own ability to adapt and understand their own primal desires.

Rayya: “Own every single part of yourself.  Elevate, celebrate, and love your sexual desires and passions on the same level you elevate, celebrate, and love your intellect that’s brought you to the top of your career.   Don’t cast pieces of yourself away.  If you do that, then you’re just giving it to others to own for you.”

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